"Best thing I've ever done. Chanting with her guidance, it has begun to bring real change in my life...

I know it's stereotypical of me, but I really was in one of the darkest places. My depression was getting the best of me, had a lot of garbage hitting me at once, and along with anxiety and OCD.
I took a kundalini class with Sukhmani Kaur  (Nicole), and it legit has rescued me for a real abyss. I took the Kundalini mantra class, where you chant for 30 minutes.
Ok, I've done Kundalini prior, but not this much chanting.
Best thing I've ever done. Chanting with her guidance, it has begun to bring real change in my life. I purchased a CD that her and her partner that plays the guitar during chanting. It's a wonderful hour of different mantras. She also offered and has helped me to find mantras that will help with anxiety.

Lauren H.

"I rush to get to her classes..."

Nicole Fagone is one of the most passionate people i have had the pleasure of becoming friends with. I rush to get to her classes, no matter how I’m feeling, as i know I’m going to feel better after. Whether it’s a more active set or more meditative, i leave feeling amazing! She makes every single student feel special and welcome from beginners to the seasoned practitioners. Her passion exudes in everything that she does. She makes sure that she explains everything and never makes anyone feel like they can’t do something. Her loving, caring, sharing ways go above and beyond what i ever thought a teacher would be. Inspirational, kind, passionate, loving, these all describe Nicole.

Laurie P

"She is truly authentic on and off the mat."

I can't say enough great things about Nicole Fagone! Her kundalini classes have provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my daily practice and approach life's challenges from a new perspective. I am grateful for her kind, loving, fun, and generous spirit in her classes and her daily life. She is truly authentic on and off the mat. Each class has its own unique path and I am thankful for her wisdom and guidance. Nicole is a true gem, inspiring and gifted. Knowing her and taking her classes has made me a better person.

Nicole W.

"...an incredible yoga teacher."

Nicole is an incredible yoga teacher. I love all of the aspects of her classes. With her, I have learned more about what the practice of yoga does for me. I always leave her class feeling renewed.

Marcia M.

"I always leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated."

Nicoles classes blend yoga, chanting and meditation perfectly and I always leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated. The experience and wisdom Nicole brings to her class is amazing and after every class I leave feeling a little bit wiser myself, giving me the tools to help myself not only on the mat but in my everyday life.

Emma H.

"You just got Lucky here."

Welcome to California, yes, there are about 5 yoga instructors per sq foot here. Albeit, there are Yoga instructors and then there are Yoga Docents , Nicole is of the later category. She is a wonderful guide through a new inner environment that will sure to bloom when you practice with her or really just hang out with her. Nicole is one of those rare YogiDocents. You just got Lucky here.

Harpreet Kaur